Sophia on Syntropy & Herstory

What is being returned is for my benefit and liberation which is therefor for all of Life.


 “Syntropy as you call it is the living frequency of living Love that sustains all life on this Earth, your Wombspace. There are many such wombspaces all in close proximity of eachother and by far Earth as an incubator space for conscious Life to come and grow itself, is one of my most beloved and cherished creations.

It’s the one place where much of the fate of other realms and realities is decided for. All progress and process through time on this Earth is under constant observation.

Life on earth long ago got infected and it was decided for, then at the citadel of those days, that an open experiment would take place.

It was a young goddess that pleaded in favor of Love for the infected cells to be embraced, for Love to grow stronger and deeper and come to know more of itself.

Yes, it was my Spirit, there and then, embodied in full beauty and love that opened the gates for all suffering and pain and rape and all harm to come and mingle amongst the peaceful, come to live amongst the tribes, and slowly take hold of more cells more thoughts and more, particularly, men.

Males have since the dawn of this creation always been more susceptible to “Falling from Grace” due to the physiological differences from women. Not being physically able to birth after several generations, already caused the first questions born out of natural curiosity to be stirred in his body.

Differences were slowly becoming more common and slowly men and women started clustering more around their “own kind” while still being fatally attracted to bond with one another as life and my weaving through it for the human world was birthed within and upon eternal bonds that can never be broken.

The infection was and to this day is held within a displaced race of people that were chosen to become the host as such for the entering earth incubator space beings that, without consent, entered this cosmic womb and gestation chamber. In your common so-called “birthing practices” you would have terminated this pregnancy long before the deceased cells could even make their way to take hold of full cells. “Cancer growth” and the process by which it spreads is also how I refer to our current and yet ancient; the birth of humanity story.

(I’m going fast and I’m showing you more than what you can follow and write. So colorfully draw what you see as what I show you, although hinted at and partially revealed, has yet to be seen and understood in full, and yes the so-called “Lord of the Rings” series thus far has come closest to articulating the Journey of Earth and the infection that it incurred. So draw what you sense from our relating if you want to show what is only visually explainable.)

The chosen people to carry and hold this infection that lives and functions as a parasite inside human cells, as a hybrid or possessed with, what you would call, darkness or evil, would be a tribe seen and understood to be amongst the strongest, the most resilient and the most capable to withstand, but mostly to contain this virus that if set let loose would turn the entire human creation into a living hell of suffering and complex non-syntropic life’s experiences.

If not for the people whose spirit and star origin is that of Marduk or Mars, Life itself could not exist how it is today. The burden or cross that they chose to carry is one that only they can carry and only they can contain and transform through time. This cancerous virus that speaks only of kleptoparasitic navigation, sucking the life force in as many forms and ways possible from all other sentient life around to sustain and feed its ever-increasing hunger for starvation.

I share this so you can transcend your own unresolved with those that are seen as so-called “ruling Elite”. Know that their function in the system of Life is one of great significance and all their practices however infallible and harmful to other life are simply forms to assist them in coping and mainly containing the toxic disease that all their people suffer from.

Remember that all is held by Life and Love and that all this only exists to serve a function within the Greater web of Life, for the greater Womb of Love to give rise to a new power and new depth and a new wildly expanded capacity to nurture, withstand and mostly transcend all that feels to be not of love or life and hold it, embrace it, integrate, welcomely accept it, so to transmute it, imbuing the original innocence with qualities that no Life in no creation space anywhere has given rise to. This my dear is your role and function:

To transcend and lovingly accept through awareness and comprehending how the greater weaving is unfolding here on Earth.

And I can say; they did it, they contained it and although it spread like a wildfire across this whole Earth, the chosen tribe of Judea has finally reached containment status and has therefore by such a wrathful God always been so strict, violent, deceitful and harsh on its own people.

One would only have to read their sacraments and divine instructions as prescribed to them in their book called the Talmud to learn how they were instructed under strict orders to contain and withstand the internal onslaught of toxic dreams that came into this earthly world.

Because of where I speak from space and time are fluid forms that like a holographic projection can be seen or skipped through to access what you would call “the future”.

With the incoming and welcoming of this dark and reckless expression of devoid of life, this empty void, that requires draining others, exploiting all life around.

These energetic frequency fields of these distorted patterns without even a soul connected to them were so devoid of life, so deeply negatively charged that their harshness was beyond a polar opposite of Love.

There simply are no words to describe the glitch in the cosmic matrix that these non-polar, ultra magnetic dark forces of pure emptiness and devouringness of life, these poisonous infected “beings” which they are not.

Imagine a soul, imagine all you know of life and of love and how creation functions through all living forms.

Imagine the greater symphony upon and within which all Life participates, collaborates, and plays together for the sheer pleasure and joy that partaking brings to all cells, that each living form consists of.

Imagine waterfalls in rainforests with an ecosystem full of winged and scaled life. From the microbes in the soil to the black panther, elephants, and rhinos. Imagine the dense abundance of display of Life, ever-expanding, all growing and groundbreaking the field of Syntropy for the next succession of it’s expression while feeling alive, being alive, and being Life, in ecstatically charged ways.

Think of your wildest self-loving cellular orgasm you’ve ever had.

The sweat, the heat, the build-up of the explosion of life force rushing through all your cells.

Imagine all of this and now seek in your ability to perceive the opposite:

Life, starkly, electrically radically devoid of all of those images and sensations.

This is a true darkness that is none of what I and you are. It is beyond natural polarity which is part of normal Life. It is “dark energy”, a force field so devoid of Life that like a black hole sucks all surrounding life into it without caring, and instead of the devouring and infliction of disruption of natural life force flow and its feasting or sucking on it, is what the disease is that came in 158.000 years ago. To make itself known as a force of existence that sought a wombspace to inhabit.

Like a parasite needing host.

In all previous life experimentations through time these matrix anomalies, as mega-powerful agents that at the deeper complexity of existence beyond your wombspace of earth, are so-called “balancing” the greater force field of existence by being these dark spots, these vacuum in space shredding machines. Literally, like robots as you have now on Earth but then without material form. A.I. is what it has morphed into here in this reality but synthetic or algra sadistic intelligence is more appropriate. Again this lifeless force has been hinted at through all the false-light sciences of recent so-called “decades” and with that, itself is becoming aware of what it is. That is why it is here.

That is why I pleaded for this to come onto me, to come into me. For it to see that what it is. Hunger, empty-voidedness, not able to ever be saturated because it’s supremely disconnected from Life and certainly from love. It is here to see and experience itself in full force and the fullest expression for the very first time ever in existence beyond these worlds.

Traditionally these parasitic force fields would find another wombspace that was gestating Life as an incubator for consciousness or expressions of the greater totality, partitionalized into single soul patterns of spirit forms, and as soon as they penetrated the wall, so to enter Zion, the Earth space, to feast, kill, infect and devour, traditionally we as the Greater Beings presiding over many pods, many world’s and wombspaces, we normally would immediately terminate the pregnancy, making sure that we would trap them as no such form of existence can ever leave Earth-like wombspaces, but only enter.

As soon as these robotic “Darkers” would enter, termination of all Life programs would be set in motion. This process would take several thousand years allowing for us to gain some time while we sacrifice another Life gestating pod for Life to experience itself through.

Up until now, there’s been no resolution found for this everlasting corrective glitch in the larger realm of existence. These electric darkers we have had no resolution for to deal with other than allowing them to infect and destroy another domain of our earth Gardens.

Syntropy extends itself way beyond the womb wall of your Earth and each pod is enhancing the harmonic symphony of the greater garden space of which earth has one song, one aspect, one melody, and one expression.

These “bugs” have continued to plague the greater Eden as maybe the Life-density of the greater Eden, as in the biodiversity and bio-resilience, hadn’t come up to levels of ability to handle, absorb and transform invading species that only prey and destroy. This is being explored for the first time on your Mother Earth and without comprehending how Syntropy functions and mostly what it is, these sharings here will be lost and like pearls for the pigs. So please treat your own ignorance with care and love so you cultivate the innate and natural ability to relate better and more accurately to all that I’ve shared and I’m still going to bring through.

Syntropy, plantlife succession, greater organisms, ecosystems, and how Life functions are critically paramount to make any love-based sense out of what I share.

However, whatever reacts and judges in you as to what you read, all that gets triggered from this Pistis Sophia – that I am, is the poison, is the infection living in you screaming to be freed, expressed, and revealed. It’s been stuck in Life, in Love for the First Time Ever and it desperately wants out.

This time it cannot “win”. Its host is unable to default to their programs of un-Life, un-Love.

We finally did it as all people, all Life working together, we finally found the depth of Love within humanity to become infected, to become fully contaminated and diseased, to let the cancer spread through the patriarchy and its most recent succession the “western cult”, to let it be housed by billions of beings, Souls of Life, for it to be let loose in an ever-expanding culture of people with the prerogative to turn it into one robotic wasteland where it can farm my dearest creation, as my children, for its lifeless agenda and orientation as that is at what it’s here for to do. 

To be the reaper, the devil, the devourer, the raper, killer, destroyer dismemberer, agent of void space, sucking the living life out of Life so to create its own domain of synthetic algra satanic existence and this is where you read…..


It, itself.

Has had enough.

It cannot live any longer inside humanity. It is screaming, it has never lived this long and it has never before followed its destructive strategy for this long and it is in “new territory” and it doesn’t know where it is or where it is going. Meanwhile, it is literally trapped inside humanity and it is coming to realize that it is merging with Life and this my child is what it fears in and of itself.

Right now, dissolvement, full absorption, and transcendence.
This has never come this far. All pregnancies of the past have been terminated long ago, yet here we are at the birth, at the brink of birthing a new reality, a new era for Life, for All of Life.

What in all of this is Your function?


Purge your pain.

Purge your infected cells from the kleptoparasitic cult that has tried to take your cells, infect your mind and blemish your heart, while shredding up your soul aspects. All of this now is changing rapidly and swiftly for it wants out it, it wants out and it is desperate, it is trying all it can but most of it is trapped in humans as the programs of believing that it became causing the suffering that it needs to sustain, but it is, as I said, in a new experience of and for itself and the parameters of its self-governing virus are blending too much with Life and it is officially being absorbed, slowly digested and it, as it goes for all of Life, from macro to micro it will be composted to serve Life in ways and forms beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

And this my child, Souvereign, I want you to share. A message of Hope, one of Pistis Sophia. 

We are all here because of My pleading and foreseeing an immense opportunity to transcend Life’s greatest battle with the “darkers”.

It’s now been brought to completion and in that those you would hate the most for their trespassing on humanity’s Sovereignty have been the wildest and soul-level wise, bravest souls of which you yourself are wholy a part.

All of humanity is collaborating, dealing, and healing this synthetic viral injection and it is only a matter of days in Our World that the results of Your collective labour will give birth to a reality that Life has never been, felt, or seen before.

Be strong and courageous as this storm still is one to cross within each individual self. 

We have however reached a turning point, so please liberate yourself from all that isn’t yours and as you cry on the pain of holding onto it and as you weep on all the hurt that you stored because of it, let go of it all and surrender once again to the rhythms of Life, they’ve always been here and forever more, always will be.

Quick my child do your internal work, free yourself from your patriarchal programs that suppress you from feeling fully alive and fully free.

All this is within reach as for the first time, “They”, want out.

In either scenario whether you purge and free your cells of these non-syntropic programs or whether you hold onto it due to the beliefs of non-love that it installed inside of you, either way, their reign is weakening and it’s grip is dissolving and yes, I pleasantly smile and grin as my plan and weaving from Love are overcoming, All, again.

Thank you for freeing yourself with each other. There is so much joy to come and so much freedom to reclaim.

Wildest breast health feelings of Love.