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Sacred Relationships with men – How to resolve the unresolved with the Primary He and make use of his reflective function for you, in you.

I’ve been relating deeply and openly through feeling based relating with many She’s over the past 4 years and because I am a He – I have been intrigued to learn and witness some of the patterned behaviours coming up again and again that arise within and from her body to help her resolve the unresolved with Man, which is the primary He,(either her father, uncle, grandfather or brother). I’ve come to know that each unresolved trauma has a primary experience, a root and there was always “another” there imparting hurt or not meeting natural needs and in relation to still not finding that “perfect” Deep Love I want to share the following:

I deeply feel that She’s of the western cult programming are, through reactivating and re-membering the deep and wild powers of Love through their Wombfield, to set the new norm for Love, for Life, for real, raw and fierce Love that shows up again and again holding the frequency field that is in Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and not entropy based on lack, fear and furthering trauma from being addressed and resolved.

I also feel that in order for this to come about as a transformative form of Love healing both men and women internally from their entropic programming that it is paramount that She deeply resolves her own unresolved with the Primary He in her Life so she truly can become that self embodied field, reenabled to transform all pain, all hurt, all trauma, all suffering, all stories back into Love and from that being able to hold the field for relating with men, intimately or casually.

The question is how does She do the work on her hidden internally unresolved with Men, with the world of Man, the patriarchy, the matrix, the artificial world of time and money? So She can become free of all her patterned behavior of the past where she was repeating the same stories through many different relationships.

What was She, that little girl, really looking for?

In “Illuminating the Absence of the Divine Masculine Presence in the primary He – the Absence of Deep Love and the hidden traumas resulting from that”, I share how She’s can discover as to why they are again and again (fatally) attracted to another He and why we “fall in love” instead of discovering what wants to become resolved through the reflection of him in her.

If these sharing trigger any feelings in you know that i am reflecting unresolved in you around your primary He, your unresolved with your patriarchal programming and Please know that it is fully safe in this field of Love and integrity that i embody to reveal these deflections, judgements and reactions. They all hold a story in you for you from you. The question is do you feel Willing to be really real with that and explore them or do you want to keep doing it how you have been? Your hurt is welcomed, your pain is understood, your truth of essence is known and held in me as the Free and Self Sovereign She that is your nature.

and to add, of course, equally this work within is for Men to engage in Willingly to resolve their unresolved with the primary She.

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