Syntropic Self/Cell Healing

Syntropic Self/Cell Healing

Because everything in Life performs a function with purpose including our cells, thoughts, and feelings, we are on a daily basis able to commune with messages from the internal landscape that all relate back to aspects of self that dis-membered.

We have to first restore and re-member our Will (which carries primary birth violation) and start retraining it as the original blueprint compass for our feeling-based navigation and recultivate our will-full curiosity to inquire within around what the cells are communing to the awareness of Self.

To navigate the broad spectrum that seems to be involved in doing this effectively, we require the Syntropic Lens, Nature’s Lens, and utilize it to navigate with the Life Strategies of what our cells and the dis-membered aspects of self are wanting to accomplish.

Outcomes and the Process

In order to help anyone regain their own sense of wholeness and self-sovereignty, the Self Memory Retrieval technique is an essential part of the healing / re-membering process.

Once a memory has been retrieved and the part of self in that memory is named, the natural order shows us that reintegrating this part back into the wholeness of Self is the natural next step.

During the “Re-membering phase”, the energy we lacked or the gifts we felt unable to fully express becomes accessible and expressable again. This naturally leads to patterns of suffering no longer repeating themselves because they no longer perform a function for our growth and restoration of wholeness.

Full Syntropic reintegration provides the following benefits:

  • You feel alleviated and freed
  • You sleep better and have richer dreams
  • You have more energy in your cells
  • You have an increase in self-awareness and positive self-responsibility
  • You have more access to create and experience joy in your life
  • You start noticing immediate physiological changes and health improvements
  • You gain access to new ideas and visions for a better life
  • You notice that your brain operates in its original patterning again this you can notice through the regular feelings of yay instead of no.
  • New Life situations and new opportunities for growth flood into your new life

If you feel to embark on the Syntropic Self Healing Journey with Souvereign you can Book a 30-min Discovery Call or read more below:

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