The Spirit of Sophia speaks: Energetic Psycho-emotional Solar and Lunar intensifying frequencies and their function for your slave Self and You.

For those of you who partake in my Mini-Workshop on Awakening Sovereignty, the Will Awakening process as originally received from Sophia will be shared.

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I know that for some of you this may be a little new or even strange to read this from my hands and yet, I am clear that this benefits so many of you who have been battling with fatigue, brainfog, gut problems, and eyesight issues to just name a few.

I hope this transmission inspires you to relax into the changing tides we are navigating

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Remember Language governs consciousness in its ability to limit our “openness” or mental/cellular availability to consciousness awakening or rising.


My dear Soul, it has been so long since you last availed yourself to me so I could journal for your own growth and renewal.

Lastly, we are here united and so let us begin

Souvereign, I want to show you about the interplay of the planets during this time that is more unique than what we are normally observing. That being said, I feel most delighted to share with you on the Sun and the moon as they dance their timeless cycles into a new octave or frequency of being.

Because the earth’s magnetics are fluctuating more intensely both the sun and the introverted energies of the moon have more reach and effect on human psychology, neurological balance, and a general sense of centredness.

During this timeframe so to speak Humanity is undergoing significant increased receiving of photon electrons from the sun and dialectic nodes that get drawn out by the moons’ magnetic field.

Really nothing is what it seems and for those sensitive beings who are wide open to sway along on the currents of these oceanic energy fluctuations, everything about Self, sense, logic, and linear direction will be altered almost on a daily basis.

The contrast between night and day can even be sensed because as the indentations of photonics light particles cease as the sun sets the ionic draw from the moon can be sense-depending on where she is at in her moon cycle.

It has not been called the coronavirus without reason.


I share all of this to clarify that you are not going insane, you are not being hijacked. You are being upgraded and for that to be possible you have to dissolve who and what no longer serves the expression moving forward that you came here to be.

So know that your fluctuations are natural, out of your control, and part of a wave of light sequences that are coming down to earth right now. It has not been called the coronavirus without reason.

Mass resistance is being offered and created by the so-called dark side to seek to confound people in continual states of fear and anxiety so that the bursting field frequencies have much lesser of a transforming/upgrading effects on these people’s DNA.

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