Awakening Sovereignty Workshop✨🕊️
– The Foundations

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This workshop is just a work shop for your soul, if you are willing to let the awakening begin, your Sovereignty can start reclaiming you.


After you complete this workshop, there is more!

The Reality is:

We all know that none of us came here for any of the rubbish talk and rubbish ways that men show up, or the submissive ways women turn out when faced with too much human damage in society…

None of us came here to play small and yet here we are…more curious then most and yet still so far removed from being our free unabated full wholeness of our full selves..

You see, your sovereignty, your true dignity, and divinity doesn’t come and fall out of the sky today.

No magic loophole in a workshop shows you a magical route to reclaim the throne you never got properly seated upon.

The question I want to ask you is:
do you want to change?
do you want your sense of self-sovereignty restored?
do you want your relationship with your Soul with yourself and with deep raw primal and sacred Love to become a living embodied experience that is so palpable that you can smell, taste and feel all over your radiant face?

I am here to tell you there is a path for that. 

There is indeed a way and there are indeed teachings that you need to know about to liberate yourself from the shackles and stains that cloud your mind.

This is a path of your Will.
A path of being really real with who you came here to be and being Willing to stop making excuses and start addressing the real issues in your word.

This is a new Life based on Syntropy
Yes Nature holds the answers to restoring our Human Nature and I want to share this with you for it changes the trajectory of Your Life for the better.

This workshop is just a work – shop for your soul, if you are willing to let the awakening begin, your Sovereignty can start reclaiming you.

The doors to this last mystery are opening only for those willing.

And so it begins!
After you completed the workshop:
Connect with me below the workshop videos.

Aho and onwards, more awaits you!

Workshop Introduction & Welcome ✨🕊️

Awakening Sovereignty Section 1: Language & Syntax

Awakening Sovereignty – Section 2: Feminine Pathway to Sovereignty

Awakening Sovereignty – Section 3: Will Awakening

Bonus Section ASW ✨🕊️:
Lions Gate Meditation

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Wait up! There is still more!

Yes there is a follow up workshop that expands on what you have taken in.
It goes deeper into practices and exercises and really get anyone’s cells informed with more Syntropy and wisdom on applying Sovereignty!