Appropriating Context

Syntropy when properly understood means in one of its’ summations “Life navigating itself in an orientation that is observably based on Abundance, unconditional Love and cooperation”. 

When this Natural Order within Human Ecology isn’t upheld imprinting of such ‘non-love’ experiences occurs in our cells.

Emotionally intense experiences, when then suppressed, form what we know as ‘Trauma Imprinting’. The experience of trauma (actions that go in against the Natural Order (Love)), causes on the internal landscape of our being (mind, body & spirit) fragmentation of the Self. It is your natural response-ability to re-member these dis-membered aspects of self and to welcome them home (reintegration), to the now, to the You, that is the whole Self and not the memory part.

Comprehending the natural

“Syntropic Nature of Life”

Another relevant comprehension to assist you in the navigation of this “internal landscape” is that “Everything in Life is performing a function with purpose”. It can thus be understood that your body, your cells, your thoughts, your feelings, and all of your dreams(!) are performing a function with Purpose, always!

A simple way to feel the intrinsic truth of this statement is to feel into the opposite notion that “Everything in Life, everywhere, is performing only totally random functions that all are entirely devoid of any purpose.”

The “Purposelessness based (random) Universe” is thus, self evidently, a gross human-created fantasy that has no basis in our living metric of Life as we know it.

Whether below or above, within or without, the entire living metric of creation is ridden with purpose and wired for abundance, with love and the pleasure that this frequency brings, as its navigational orientation. 

It is relevant to make proper use of Lifes’ functions within as it is otherwise, like in the plant kingdom, a misappropriation of Life’s gifts and resources for growth. 

Of course in Nature, the uncompromised true expressive reality of living Life, would never not make use of functions that are of benefit to the Life-form.

Life does not dismiss or deny itself access to Life support, the only creatures that do, do so because they are either traumatized or are undergoing a traumatic experience.

A wounded horse may flee from you as you want to help it mend those wounds, this is instinctive self-protection because active trauma is being experienced.

Some animals undergo consistent traumatization due to lack of care, or simple brutality of humans acting out on their own stored, and damaged, thought patterns and still, all these animals have the innate capacity to overcome and even heal these traumas caused by humans.

The banana tree equally when it is in need of certain nutrients would not withhold its own cells from receiving those nutrients when made available, no, the banana tree would naturally make use of the function of those minerals and nutrients being supplied because that is simply part of natures’ innate wiring: to follow the Syntropic Strategy, as it provides all that all Life ever would require; Yes,…. Love, and the pleasure-experience that all Life is wired for through the process of growth, change, and expansion.

Nature always makes use of what it requires to heal and resolve to continue growing so that its main talent or gift can be lived out.

Another difference between human life and all other sentient Life is the unconditional way that all other sentient Life navigates its own existence on. You will never hear a cow complain out in Nature when a severe drought occurs. Only farmed animals wail and wine as they are not met with any natural environmental conditions that are naturally part of their innately natural anticipation. 

Humans however are placing conditions over almost everything when they are still unresolved from within. I have shared on the core 5 Primary Imprints, but there are many sublayers to these core five primary cases of trauma being inflicted onto the cells of a human being. This causes “conditions” to become active and these carry the overtone in how situations or healing opportunities are being navigated. 

Question the Function

Only humans due to their unresolved trauma make inadequate use of the functions that Life around them is providing them with. Even with the humans’ nature doing half the work for them, humans still, more often than not, choose to deny themselves the opportunity or ‘inner calling’ for healing, from actually happening.

This is mostly because they don’t know that there is such a choice and, yet, also for those that do know it is a choice, they get trapped in the layer beyond the choice where the “broken Will trauma” gets triggered.

Be Willing to Access

 This secondary layer of trauma being stirred often causes humans to just not want to really ‘go there’, and yes, if you are not Willing to go there, then all there is to experience is emotional reactions without an exploration of where the root cause originates from. 

This is the place of most significance, that, each time, we have an opportunity to visit, if we are Willing to apply our Will to go there.

Be Willing to access your ability

to be in “Acceptance”

Nature and all of Life always works with what it has available and it works with exactly ‘where it is at’ in its’ stage of its own larger program which it is here to complete from seed to tree, from tuber to more tubers, from sucker or banana pup to that one bunch of bananas and a series of offshoots.

Never has Life ever not accepted the present-present state of being and it has never decided to reject the status quo, the actual factual reality.

No, all living Life has this inborn state of acceptance of “what is” wired firmly into their navigational orientation, this is one of the many love-filled virtues of Syntropy. 

Comprehending Humandamage

Humans however can go an entire lifetime not accepting “that what happened” when they were young.

Humans can also choose in their mindsong to deny the past, they can resist it and reject it, and in that not accept that which took place.

Do you know that the ‘reason’ for this irrational ability to not accept what really did happen is tied intimately to the trauma that this denial is attempting to avoid?

Pain, trauma, hurt, having been violated in ones’ sovereignty… all of these past-lived experiences, how subtle or how brutal, are actually all available for measuring whether or not we want to accept that they happened.

More often than not people don’t accept what actually happened, fooling themselves with all sorts of fantasies and coping mechanisms of which the wildest forms of coping occurs amongst the so-called “spiritual people” here on earth. 

This “spiritual bypassing” of actually resolving trauma of the past is given all sorts of glorified terms of the wounded mind of these people, “transcendence”, “letting it go” being just two of them, “forgiving” others is another.

None of these methods, of “ handling” the past, work, they actually don’t resolve the past, they just help cope with not accepting what actually happened then, which in fact is creating a more resilient form of “dealing” with any future triggerings of the original underlying traumas. 

As said, no other sentient Life does any of this totally illogic way of navigating trauma release from their cells.

The tree does not ever go: “ah.. that wasn’t enough rain” or “oh, how I hope it will rain tomorrow”. Life is so purely in tune with the flow of Syntropy that any of these ridiculous possible pre-occupations in their consciousness simply don’t ever occur.

Despite our programming many animals have exactly the same faculties and abilities to foresee and dream the future or remember the past vividly, it, however, never goes into judgments that such and such event was a real “bad“ thing. All Life simply doesn’t waste resources, ever. Not even “time”, as all is flowing in the ongoing current of Life’s Love for Living and growing.


Life always makes use of the functions offered, based on what it requires, so to continue to follow its own unique growth and succession of stages. 

The human race “wastes” resources such as these precious opportunities for growth liberation of past stored trauma, and so forth. This wasting of energy, resources, and even so-called ‘time’ is only what the human species does as a unique expression of Life on this earth.

One only has to look at the dumps, tips, garbage belts, and rubbish production and processing that humanity is creating. Of course, there is indeed no such thing as waste ever in Life.

The living Creatrix is wholly Syntropic in her Nature and all of Life that is not human is in tune with following, and actually being, this strategy from within.

Self Memory Retrieval Technique

This simple Self Memory Retrieval Technique of communicating with the aspects of self that come up as a memory for you creates opportunity to acknowledge and make use of the function of these (often recurring) memories or judgments that may be coming up for you.

Ask for its story. Enquire with its feelings.. Thank it, give gratitude, and simply ask it if it wants to come Home. To now. To you. It is either willing or not, as the emotional frequencies may not have lifted yet.

Full audio on the navigation of the internal landscape:

Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui:

Be Strong, Be steadfast, Be Willing