This Introduction to the Syntropy course is aimed to get your cells familiar and curious that there is indeed an intrinsic and intuitive way based on and with Nature that we each can choose to navigate in greater coherence with. If you are willing it your cells can start to recalibrate and upgrade the existing beliefs AND the unexamined assumptions.

This introduction is to help replace or at least put to question some of the limiting beliefs that humans in the western cult have been programmed with.

Through the exposure and being raised in what is simply an industrial, control-based mindset coupled with the prioritization of money, based on lack and scarcity mentalities, humanity has been operating mostly against life. And although we wouldn’t want to necessarily acknowledge this ourselves we can certainly see that the time is ripe and ready for a regenerative culture of people that have come to remember that they are part of nature and not above it or apart from it… people that have suspended their programming and sought out better more fulfilling and resonating ways to relate to Life, society and each other… sound familiar?

– “The Way” of the Natural Order –

We now know that without being able to “see as form” the patterns that Life navigates on, (because we don’t name it or have language for it) humans cannot make use of the actual functions that Life is providing us as the opportunities for internal growth (returning to freedom and sovereignty).

And so, Syntropic relating and cultivating an open syntropic mind’s orientation (as opposed to a mind-set), is what from my own direct experience, is the “missing link” in understanding our external and internal world with the clarity that is naturally available to ALL human beings.

Through my partaking in the first two training courses held on the land called Australia I was (re) introduced to intrinsic knowings surrounding, involving, and pertaining to Life in the Living. Syntropic Agroforestry (as a farming methodology) is brought forth as a culmination of all the acquired natural comprehensions and understandings (a body of wisdom) of what Life/Nature is always working towards, and how to work with that instead of against it (industrial agriculture).

Syntropy is the “hidden hand of God” moving through all of creation, of ALL that exists, micro to macro, manifested as matter and un-manifested as energy, ALL is ridden with purpose.

This too is simply part of the Natural Order.

My own experience around changing my language-ing

Returning to Syntropy as my form of relating with Life has opened up my thorough (natural) abilities as a self-sovereign being to start restoring and renewing my mind’s programming in accordance with the Patterns that the Universe expresses everywhere.

These are the patterns that Life is truly operating on, under, with, and through.

You may have noticed I relate to Life with a syntax in a more bio-resonant way, a more peaceful and compassionate way. This is because I have to regain access to these natural comprehendsion about how Life DOES function. With that, I have regained my ability to question the function instead of judging something. In this I have refound my own self-sovereignty, free of fear of others’ and their judgments or positionalities.

My greatest return to self-sovereignty, freedom, and grace has been through remembering and training my cells in feeling-based relating. I share continuously on this subject and as you may have noticed I don’t pretend to be something more than what I am.

I hope the following video leads to more curiosity and inspiration. It is part of the full course in Syntropy which I started sharing last year.

Starting todays’ course is a presentation of my journey and how I have come to be so excited about sharing my mindsong on Syntropic Agroforestry with you!

Please be sure to have 20 minutes to really take this in.

Please write down:

  • what stood out for you
  • what came up as curiosity you want to hear more around.

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