SHE, a Course in Syntropic Human Ecology is about cultivating Lifeways that are able to foster resilience in ourselves and with each other through feeling based relating and getting clear and real with what is not working in our current societal ways of navigating life as a human family.

Please read (or listen) to this sharing on Following the Younglings and watch the video on Looking into the Darkness from Loves’ perspective that follows.

Please be sure to have 40 minutes to really take this in.

These are the foundations of our common ground.

Please write down:

  • what stood out for you
  • what came up as resistance, feeling complex, and or had a judgment (on either yourself, me, or the world)
  • what you feel you have unclarity around putting into practice

Please know that if you want me to answer your feedback please email me directly at

Tomorrow you will receive one closing email.

Listen: Authentic Relating with Younglings

Watch: Looking into the darkness from Love

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I want to take the opportunity here to share with you my other 2 future courses where I go into more depth and expansion on 2 different topics. You will likely receive an email when they are coming out.


I hope to hear more of you. One more email will come to you tomorrow to close us out.

With Love,