Introduction to Syntropy: You are an Agroforest!

Deep Sharing with Shay Ryan Douglas,

In our conversation today Shay how syntropy applies to people on an individual level. Here is todays’ Syntropic download for you to take in.

  • Please be sure to have 40 minutes to really take this in.
  • These are the foundations of our common ground.

Please write down:

  • what stood out for you
  • what came up as resistance, feeling complex, and or had a judgment (on either yourself, me, or the world)
  • what you feel you have unclarity around putting into practice

Please know that if you want me to answer your feedback please email me directly at

And there is more:

DOWNLOAD This E-book on Syntropic Agroforestry and submerse your cells into more about Syntropic Agroforestry. This E-book is available for FREE and can be a nice handbook to print out to have lying around for your cells’ inspiration.

Tomorrow is another day full of Life. Sense you then.

Stay Love,


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