Empowering you with Active steps towards self-sufficiency,

Practical Nature connection, seed saving inspiration and more.

This is a two-part in-depth study course in the understanding and application of Regenerative Food Forestry, Self Sufficiency and Syntropy (relating to Nature)

Receive resources and inspiration to start growing!
There has been no better time than now to empower your cells with Syntropy.

Course indications:

One: The introduction to Syntropy presentation (pre-recorded)
– receive the foundations of how Syntropy operates in Nature.

This part is a self-study to lay the foundations for the second part.
It comes with downloads and resources.

Two: Practices & Principles (Live presentation 1,5 hour plus Q&A)

Additional sessions for follow up and coaching can be arranged upon completion.

For any questions or concessions please email me directly.


I am so excited for you choosing to dive deeper into Syntropic Agroforestry with me!

Connect soon!

PS: While you wait for my email you can access this Course in Syntropy audio recordings in preparation of the Live Course here https://anchor.fm/course-in-syntropy/episodes/Course-in-Syntropy-November-Human-Ecology-Through-the-Syntropic-Agroforestry-Lens-em9cpn/a-a3q6f9k