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the relevancy of your Will in the return to Self Sovereignty SouvereignSharing

One of my most insightful contributions to the comprehension of how important the language we use is for our direct experience of our reality. Language not only colors but has the capacity to govern and moreover limit our ability to relate to reality.. if you want to learn more on how self sovereignty is tied to syntropy go to https://www.SouvereignSharing.net where I share more on sovereign syntax based on syntropy which isnt all emasculated but clear and clean through the understandings of the significance of our Will and how our feelings are responsible for informing our knowing of what we are willing and not willing to do.. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/souvereignsharing/support
  1. the relevancy of your Will in the return to Self Sovereignty
  2. The unseen power that language has over us…
  3. the formative nature of our language..
  4. Syntropy: the Business of Isness
  5. So, now, what's she really teaching you?

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