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About Souvereign Freedom

My mission is to share with the world the Language of Syntropy. Through the Lens of Syntropy I am committed to exposing the cultprogramming and unnatural orientations that has created our entropic societal outcomes.

I am providing you with Nature Based Language of the Natural and Syntropic Minds’ orientations. This Mindsong has the ability for you to remember the true and natural ways of relating to Life, our cells and eachother.

About the Podcast

It is clear to me that we need a New Language for a New Civilisation to be rooted again in truth, Love and peace.

This is what Syntropic Wisdom offers:
a recalibration of our ways of relating to the man made world of doing stuff.

The mission is to share with you short and potent perspectives on how we can ourselves tend to our mindgardens consciously so to live a life that is more real and ultimately fulfilling!

Language Keys: The 5 Primary Imprints the Good Gospel✨ Syntropic Wisdom Podcasts

When we find the language for our experience of reality we get to create more powerfully. #deducation, #cultprogramming & the #entropic #patriarchal #civilisation we all grew up in gave us: – limiting belief systems – untruths, lies and programs for behavior – false stories about life, love, and thriving – distortions to help keep us all in a box of self-limitations. WE CAN ALL BREAK THROUGH THIS IF WE FEEL WILLING. What is KEY is the Language we use to create with BUT FIRST we have to see through the distortions, illusions and spellcasting that is enshrined in the language we ourselves speak. THIS IS THE GOOD GOSPEL OF SYNTROPIC WISDOM! Yes #syntropy is the Missing Link. So hear me out. Get my on my email list & join my programs! Join the Club: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Language Keys: The 5 Primary Imprints
  2. Overcoming Poverty Consciousness
  3. Are there ONLY TWO Worlds in existence?!
  4. Comprehending Trauma Based Mind control through the lens of Syntropy
  5. Full Flow: Forgiveness & seeing inner healing through the lens of Syntropy

Syntropy is a natural antidote to entropic society or the ‘world of man’ as we know it.”

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Syntropy is a natural antidote to entropic society or the ‘world of man’ as we know it.”

The Good Gospel: Syntropic Wisdom Podcasts are filled with rich reminders to help you navigate the day-to-day hustle of modern-day Life.

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