Awakening Sovereignty ✨🕊️
– The Practical Navigation Workshop

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This workshop is just a work shop for your soul, if you are willing to let the awakening begin, your Sovereignty can start reclaiming you.


This is a path of your Will.
A path of being really real with who you came here to be and being Willing to stop making excuses and start addressing the real issues in your word.

This is a new Life based on Syntropy
Yes Nature holds the answers to restoring our Human Nature and I want to share this with you for it changes the trajectory of Your Life for the better.

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About the Practical Navigation Workshop

Bringing the Syntropic Ethos into the inner healing space is powerful and important because when we deal with trauma or healing of any kind, our Human Nature is always part of that equation.

Doing this work myself on myself has transformed, up-levelled, and empowered me to teach, train and coach others in “Syntropic Embodiment”.

I now work (mostly) with women in their sunset years who are ready to go deep and do the inner cleaning that meditation or yoga never addressed.

And so it begins!
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Aho and onwards, more awaits you!

ASW Practical Navigation:
Introduction & Welcome ✨🕊️

ASW Practical Navigation:
Internal Landscape Practice Intro

ASW Practical Navigation:
Internal Landscape Full Practice✨🕊️

ASW Practical Navigation:
The Three Pillars of Sovereignty

ASW Practical Navigation:
Q&A + Bonus on Language Use

ASW Practical Navigation:
The Full Writing Exercise ✨🕊️

ASW Practical Navigation:
Q&A + Closing ✨🕊️

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About Archons: Most people arrive here because of a lurking curiosity around the piercing of cultprograms. Knowing from within that ‘things’ as taught are mostly inversions of the Natural, corruptions of the sacred and distortions of the Truth. See MoreSee Less
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