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Rites of Will Awakening – Reclaiming Self Souvereignty – Experiencing fearless Freedom

So called “Past Life” trauma welling up in people through dreams and self emergent vision stem from the Birth Seal of the Navel still being ruptured and this energetic entry to the seat of the Will not properly being sealed. This is because the natural process of soul integration was prematurely raped.

In most humans there resides deep unresolved emotional cellular trauma around this entry point and the seat of the Souvereign self that over time progressively gets more intense and unavoidable. Humanity is reaching peak states of excessive abuse of coping mechanisms to avoid dealing with the actual underlying trans cultural pain that we’ve adopted as “normal” but is fully unnatural and violates our self souvereign/ divine nature.

Human natures’ strategy is to follow its “original blue print”, or simply put; to follow the original Natural Order as it is the only true order Life can function on. This order is filled with purpose, Life as self intelligence, divine self knowing strategy as purely divined potentiality. Just like all other Life each human has talents or a gift, a greater purpose that it comes here to express on Earth. Naturally each human is a unique and self original expression within the divine totality of our collective human family.

Human nature is naturally wired to perform throughout its life- life supporting functions for others while growing through the support of others in more complete forms. Think of pro creation, birthing and raising new human life and the life long functions that naturally come with being a Mother or Father. The earth based human family roles and functions are part of the Natural Order in which human Life most optimally organises itself as a larger organism and our cells in our bodies are following the natural strategy and time progression based on who and where we are as our own form, our own human expression of Life.

This means that whatever is in the way or is inhibiting the natural order within ones cells to flourish and flow and be that which it came here to be, is going to be brought to the surface for freeing, liberation out of the process of Life. Most humans have lost touch with how to free stuck and unresolved trauma based emotions and child birth trauma are amongst some of the hardest to find and resolve. It is within the birth related traumas where there is being exercised a seriously manipulative, controlling stronghold that the Luciferic orders have over humanity.

Due to the human adopted current fallacious, harmful, satanic birth practices that are upheld as “standard” “westen” “medical” “practices” we are almost at every birth inflicting severe traumatic experiences to a youngling and raping it of its natural innocence by violating its souvereign self cells. Subsequently these violations cause the Souvereign self not to be seated under the Navel Seal and thus the Will as the compass for navigating Life is without its Natural “magnetic north”. Prematurely cutting the umbilical cord is amongst the rudest violation and harm on many different levels that grown ups can inflict onto a new born and in doing so we are offering it prone to demonic, fear and violence based programming of the cult of Lucifer, something maybe better known as Western Society or the cultural programming of the Western World, either way these are based on programmed cultural believe systems that justify, accept, allow and normalise certain “human behaviours” without questioning whether it is actually Natural to be doing these things. When we attune our navigation again to the Natural Order and question our actives it is unfortunate but true that most of western societies navigation is full of humandamage, using coping mechanisms and “false light” believes that come from so called “Science”

The School of Syntropy and its work is looking at reintegrating, healing and restoring the emotional and spiritual soul traumas that a human being undergoes and is permanently plagued with until the unresolved imprints are addressed and resolved .

This work is about “Will Awakening” and reclaiming the Souvereignty that naturally oneself simply is and would naturally feel he or she is solely from within.

I have recently walked this path myself and comprehend its significance on levels beyond the scope of this sharing. Much like “Womb Awakening” this is human-foundation-restoring necessary work to feel free and truly self souvereign again.

There are natural processes and said ceremonies that are fundamental in reclaiming and restoring the true Souvereignty of Self within ones cellular being, thus allowing the God of Self to live within the body and be seated in its rightful natural throne of ones being.

This naturally activates the Will which in our human feeling based nature simply is driven by our feelings. Ones’ compass and clarity of knowing self, direction and attraction is intimately tied to the free flowing operation of the Will which is the knowing of ones truth, which is the self Souvereign presence that would naturally be felt and known if we were not compromised and ritualistically severed from this simple divine heritage that is our humanities own.


Souvereign Freedom

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