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img_3245-9Return of Sophia – Living Mystery School of Life 

Reawakening the Innate Wisdom of Our Deep Self Souvereign Human Nature and the Mystery that lies beyond. 

The Return of Sophia marks a new beginning in the age old process of maintaining, remembering, reawakening and re-anchoring within living human form the Wisdom and Sacred Mysteries of Life. 

Held safe and protected throughout time through many embodied expressions and forms a resurgence is occurring for the teachings and active remembering of Humanities self Souvereignty and Feminine Divinity to be activated, reembodied and most of all; lived, in the open, again. Reactivating a cultural return to our Nature as humans, as we remember and restore who and what we deeply are. 

The time is ripe for the mysteries of Life to be unveiled  and through personal and individual reawakening become expressed in full again on the Earth, for this is what She wants, as this is what Life wants, for humanity to remember it’s Divinity, it’s true Souvereignty and it’s innate Freedom as a Spirit embodied in human form being part of all of Life, consciously aware how we are intimately connected. 

The culture of humans that we can recreate is individual people living in resonance with Life, in harmony with the greater Creatrix that are feeling free and liberated from the fear and lack based programming that is operating the system of our current “matrix”, addressed as the -western cult-.

We are returning the wisdom of our human nature and our human and cosmic relation to all living Life by remembering what syntropy, self souvereignty and human freedom truly means.  

This is the path of the Warriors of Love, the Guardians of the Divine Feminine, this is a Living School that beyond remembering and undoing unnatural – to our nature – programming is about reactivating, restoring the self souvereign Will and reawakening within the Sacred Womb of the Creatrix that all Life is innately connected to and operating from. 

Through the Return of Sophia Mystery School we share openly for and from both the masculine and feminine paths of remembering. Both paths are held within the great Mysteries of Life as One and we are actively integrating both Mystery streams of wisdom known as the left and the right Eye of Horus into one House, to be embodied within one Temple, the human form of our own cells. 

Resolving our unresolved with the patriarchy, the world of men, the matrix of money, of work, of lack and of fear through relating intimately with men, whilst healing and reenabling our innate mother child connection with the natural matriarchy of life, the cosmic world of womb, of Her, of receiving, of nurture, the creatrix of abundance by surrendering to love, accepting where we were failed thus freeing our pain and reenabling our cells to operate in syntropy with Life. 

We are choosing through our callings, sharings and courses to assist others in actively restoring the intrinsic natural powers of the self souvereign Will and the reawakened Womb of Life. Both these processes require living engagement, open authentic relating, revisiting and remembering all that wants to still be resolved and freed from the cells of our being by being Willing to go there. 

In this we openly speak, welcome and address unresolved, trauma based imprinting and the roots of rape and violence in our current cult(ure). We go back to the origins of our human nature and call forth all that still stands in the way of becoming that again from within. For that to emerge, to make itself known, so the emotions can be properly processed and released through the authentic expressing of the underlying feelings. 

For this work to be done within us we are creating a deeply safe and nurturing space, which is a living space that is carried within all those choosing to partake in this transformational deeply personal work. 

We are all guardians of this work, devoted to share what we know and remember, while deepening our own connection to our Nature further and further. Allowing and surrendering the many layers of “self”, “I” and “me” to the great Mystery of returning to Love that lies beyond all fear of change, each hurt of revisiting the past and each unfreed trauma still stored in the cells of our being. 

We bring deeply real and relevant remembering processes of both the masculine and feminine realms together, so to see with both eyes unclouded – through the illusions of our -disconnected from Life – “western cult”, so to cultivate again a new culture of self souvereign, individual, deeply loving and empowered human beings that walk in natures’ natural human truth, create from natures’ natural human love and nurture especially others as they choose to do the work within their own being. 

We invite you to join us for our sharing circles, classes and deep Will and Womb work. 

We comprehend that our human nature wants to be what it came here to be, which is souvereign and free, and it requires a choice to activate and start that journey. 

We are holding hands as we walk our journeys together. Do you feel Willing to join us? 

In love and service to the Return of Sophia in you.”


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