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“Lotus birth in that sense is the most beautiful, most holistic, most sovereign and most respecting of the spirit and the body and the being of a new human Life coming to the earth.”

“Just because you don’t know that you get traumatized when you get violated at birth doesn’t mean that your ignorance keeps you from actually experiencing the traumatic impacts of the actual physiological experience.”

Our original heritage and birth anticipation is a culture of love and natural self-sovereignty, not one of fearing external authority and “it’s” judgment, suppressing our own freedom.

We only experience fearing authority or the rule of others in the external because of what our cells are imprinted with on the internal; the primary suppression/ raping of our natural freedom (original innocence) and self-sovereignty of our human body, soul, and spirit.

I used to fear “stepping out of line” and certainly had a great deep imprinting of fear towards the (invisible) powers of “the government” and particularly the ‘tax department’, who could “shut me down”, do me harm, and really, from out of nowhere, ‘could’ come and use their ‘powers’ to stop me and thus control me.

I delved and will-fully felt into the fear-story that was coming up, (at that time I had not paid any so called “personal” income “taxes” for over 10 years and wasn’t going to go and do that neither).

The rawness that I found at the core of the fear of being controlled by unseen powers that could harm my sovereignty, was the cutting of the cord, which is the first primary violation of human sovereignty executed as a ‘standardize’ ‘western’ ‘medical’ ‘practice’…

My, oh my, if people only knew how deep the #luciferic cult programming is anchored into our human culture…

I won’t share on that here as this is one of the most trigger sensitive topics and yet(!!) THIS TOPIC when not addressed keeps humanity not only LIVING IN fear of external ‘authorities’, we actually imprint, through the now ‘normalized’ blood ritual acts at birth, deep-seeding trauma that is entirely pre-lingual and can only be accessed through feeling the stored memory in the cells.

Feelings are Healing

Unresolved birth trauma is relatively easy to resolve, your body wants it, your spirit wants it, but are you willing?

I am willing to have our placenta stories become known, I am willing to have our soul-searching come to rest, I am willing to talk truth to Birth as I know it to be natural, fear-free, love-filled, and optimal.

The place to start with this is our cells, and being willing to accept that cutting into the living flesh and tissue of a newborn baby isn’t the most ideal start of a new life outside the warm comforts of our mothers’ womb.

Don’t get me wrong, humans are super versatile and resilient, and due to our syntropic nature, we can manage to navigate even with a broken compass (navel port) in which the needle is missing (will), which stops us from finding or being in tune with our own magnetic True North (the truth of knowing from within).

And yes,

Circumcision is un-holy

You get really good fear-driven slave minds, or really (equally easily controllable) rebels against the machine, when you forcibly and with radical violence cut the foreskin of little human men after you violated their soulful entry into this world.

The depth of patriarchally cult-programmed ignorance into the western-cult expression of our human societal consciousness is STAGGERING when you comprehend the relevancy of #lotusbirth and syntropy in human ecology.

Take Syntropy instead

People have been deducated, brainwashed, and have become the executors of the ongoing #luciferic experiment themselves.

Only Humans can heal this story, only Love will be the ‘remedy’, and only Syntropy addresses ALL in our human ecology.

If you ever wondered how we will heal the patriarchal clusterfuck of issues in this world.. #warculture #pornculture #selfshamingculture #narcisistculture ….. become willing to explore Lotus Birth, the why, the how.

Dive into the remembrance of the sacredness of birth, the spirited nature of human ensouled birth onto this earth, and compare it to what it has predominantly become in the Western Cult of control and domination mentalities OVER Life.

Yes, we have an entropic birth culture that ravages (cult programs) the lives of millions of new souls into submission. Subconsciously and cellularly storing deep pain that makes us either fear external authority or try and fight it.

Entropy is a bad drug..

I suggest you take Syntropy instead.

Life, love, and the luster of it all is and has always been, waiting for you to return to its original metric for navigation.

Our wholeness of self is continuously only one Will-choice away…and that, in my own experience, is training.

What are you Willing?

Red Pill or blue?

Slave of fear or love-Master from within?

Syntropy holds the promise for restoring the mindgardens within, and the gardens you may grow with Nature, back into Syntropy with Life.


With all this awareness come into, it is our opportunity and response-ability to weave a different story, to cultivate our human culture within and without on a different metric.

One that is based on Nature, based on Love and based on the innate inborn wisdom that is alive in all of us!


Email me if you want to relate. Take action if you feel this is relevant for your cells.

Love is the only way home,

Syntropy is the way.

In grace and Lovingkindness,

On my Youtube channel there is a 3 part series on Lotus Birth, cult programming and re-enabling our human nature based on Syntropy through feeling based relating to Life.


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