Studying Entropy vs. Awakening Sovereignty

Since I made my cell choice to re-enable my nature I have remembered what ‘undoing cult programming’ truly involves.

Like many others, I also got trapped (for decades) trying to make sense of the cult programmers, the Illuminati, the ritual stuff, and staying on top of the “dark agenda”.

What Syntropy taught me is that NONE OF THAT helped me resolve, heal or integrate myself back into wholeness.

Paying attention to all the hidden agendas was a trap that in a terribly slow fashion performed a function with purpose because, in the end, I saw that I was not becoming:

– more free

– more gentle, kind, and clear

– more enabled to make a difference in this world (being Love)

Instead, I was so focussed on all the “entropy” of the matrix that I got myself addicted to the ‘truthers’ and their “real news” about the world being in a f*cked up place WHILE NONE OF THEM (the truthers) were offering a practical, functional and healing pathway into the Sovereignty they all spoke about.

What I learned in hindsight is that:

– None of them addressed Human Nature through the lens of Syntropy

– They all approached our “solutions” and resolutions through the same entropic lens that is confounding people because of programmed entropic syntax filled with metaphors NOT based on Nature (the language of our cells).

What I learned even more is:

– the pathways to Sovereignty that are talked about are filled with elaborate wordy-words, filled with more riddles, and only contain head-heavy navigation

– no one in the sovereignty movement is helping people in the HOW to resolve their unresolved with the World of Man, with the Banksters, or the dark agencies and planned programming operations.

Please tell me how is your relationship to matrix info treating you lately.

Is it making you more free, openhearted and self-empowered with LOVE?

If not, join me for the Awakening Sovereignty workshop this weekend.

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  • the pathway of Feminine (True) Sovereignty
  • Why BIRTH is foundational to our sense of our own Sovereignty
  • Why to feeling is always superior to thinking in difficult conversations


  • internal landscape navigation and communion practice with your innerworld
  • Willingness practices dissolving visualization barriers with our Will
  • Word replacement games through Humanity Healing story writing exercises

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