1 – Sovereignty Language Study Club: The strategies that Life operates on are universal

Through Syntropic Agroforestry I learned that Life in the soil, Life in the plants, Life expressed in trees, in animal and human Life is following a Universal Pattern.

I learned that questioning with open curiosity what Life “IS doing”, is radically effective in showing and enabling me to apply this to history, human ecology, my own life and well, everything really.

The Life Pattern of Life is witness-able in every expression of living reality.

All is growing, expanding, cultivating and consolidating more biodiversity and density of Life for Life.

Within our own individual “human ecosystem” the knowings of this strategy becomes available and fully applicable when we question again Human Sovereignty.

These are deeper questions about our Human Nature and the Natural Order that we as our intrinsic Human Culture of Love would operate on, if we weren’t so severely taught brought down into the entropic industrial mind-set of the patriarchal cult programming.

In my studies I have found so many of the programmers that have put everything in the works to suppress human sovereignty, human freedom, our Free Will and the culture of Love that we naturally are. I also retrieved the wisdom teachings from those who never let go of the original mindsong of universal truths.

These I have come to know as Sacred Wisdom in a world of distortion.

For me Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love have become the simple triune or “Trinity Teachings” that I share on. Not because I came up with the trinity but because the feminine wisdom traditions I have walked in speak to this original spiraling metric and pattern.

The sharings I now hold in my bundle are, as the natural comprehensions about Life in the Living, part of every human beings’ intrinsic knowing.

All we have to do is find the language to speak to it so we can unlock it.

Wisdom is only Wisdom when it can be spoken and transferred.
Hence a Language study Club based on Syntropy about our Sovereignty.

You see, thus far people are really good at naming what is “entropic” (that which is going in against the natural order (trespass, violation, injustice)) but when it comes to articulating how Life / syntropy / natural law / natural justice operates there seems to be some weird inversion logic taking place that is part of an unconscious holding pattern or program that I want to reveal to you (because we all do it, because of programming).

Do you ever hear people say: “It is not like…. and it is also not like..”. This is talking in opposite negatives to articulate positives WITHOUT naming the positive.

From feelings, to experiences, to ideas, to Life it is all not getting us closer to truth of the experience by saying what things are not.

If we stay with only identifying “life/reality/ natural justice” and the strategies it operates on by saying what life is not, then we inhibit an effective form of relating to these Life processes to come about within our selves.

In the case of Syntropy there are those who have gotten as far as
“Neg-Entropy” (negative entropy) as a naming of what “Life is”.

They do this by stating or implying what entropy isn’t doing is and this is in its entirety insufficient to “explain” or effectively point out what Life “is doing”.

And so Syntropic relating and cultivating an open syntropic minds’ orientation (as opposed to a mind-set) is what from my own direct experience is the “missing link” in understanding our external and internal world with the clarity that is naturally available to ALL human beings.

This is because syntropic relating gives us access to naming “the living” patterns of perfection and returns through this to our cells the ability to make effective use of language for the functions of our growth and deeper comprehension.

The wisdom inside the syntropic metric is that which Life is offering and unceasingly is giving rise to all the time. When we apply this lens to our sovereignty, the cultprogramming, the socially engineered programs that run our society we drop the “bitter” and we learn for the better.

We get to drop the negative spiral and get to learn instead of feeling this sense of burdenedness by all that has gone in against the Natural Order.

In the months to come it is my aim to assist you to see through all the haze and maze and get to the root causes of our human distopia while also elevating the personal and inter personal soulutions!