2 – Archons & the instalment of a false copy of reality through Language

When we turn to the Mystical Gnostics such as Jacob Boehme, relatings from the Cathars, the Essenes and other non-infiltrated Nations, we can see how the Archonic mindvirus of individual superiority of mans’ mind led into the infusion of stark “Agnostic” thought.

Occult practices back in language formation times, I discuss, were and are there to seed the beginnings of a One World Luciferic Order “mindtality”.

Ever since Babel there has been a strong (mind virus) orientation active to delude, distort, hide, restrain, restrict and obscure the simple sacred innate knowings of the hidden hand of God’s infinite creative wisdom and Humanities self sovereign Nature and that we are a human Family of Love.

Men in their attempt to explain nature through (freemasonic) “sciences” have simply undermined the true nature of God’s creation and our human purpose in it.

I call this period going back centuries (and being expressed mainly by men); the Glorification of Mind.

This study group is going to be a powerful way to understand the background of what has happened with language so that you can shift your language to be creative and empowering.

This is a group of Wisdom Seekers coming together to empower each other through our shared language & sovereignty interest.

What to expect from the Club:

  • FUN Etymology group research assignments
  • Sophianic Downloads on Language insights.
  • Ancient Indigenous Wisdom perspectives and teachings
  • Personal writing exercises and (even!) legal letter writing support

What is expected from your cells:

  • be WILLING to have fun, learn, expand and renew your mind
  • be open-minded, friendly and supportive to the group dynamic
  • to come on to the sessions (replays are of course shared)

The Finer Details:

Starts on September 11th.

Held bi-weekly on Sundays for 3 months on Zoom.

  • You get to Join a private WhatsApp communication group
  • (provide your # if you wish to be part of that)
  • includes a private Fb Group for jotting down finding used for group meetups
  • (connect with me on Fb for that)

All 3-month club packages are set at $297,- but if you sign up today for the Pilot Group, it is still only 197,-